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Friday, March 11, 2016

March is the Month for Perseverance

Thinking about the past few weeks of students highlighted in the newsletter for receiving awards the theme for this month’s character initiative, and the long stretch that March is during the school year; I can’t help but focus on the importance of perseverance.

We should be proud of all those students who have taken a risk and stepped into an unknown experience because they wanted to and found success in the face of sacrifice and struggle, but we should also be incredibly proud of those students who do the same, fall short of accolades, and still continue to push forward.  Those students are harder to spot because they are often silent in their determination or feeling down because of their most recent failure.  I know we all say that you cannot learn without failing and that you need to fail before you can succeed…yeah…while that is true...it’s a little easier to say when you aren’t the one failing.

Speaking of failures and persevering through to success; check out this list of famous individuals who did just that!

What I’m saying to everyone is that if you:
·         are trying or even thinking of trying something to be a better version of you, do it
·         see someone working hard and struggling to continue, don’t distract, but support them.

Because in the end, we only find out how good we can be by pushing until we fail…and then doing it all over again to get a little farther.

We all need to support our students who are giving it their all and motivate those to achieve what they can…

Or as Kid President says in this video pep talk; "We were made to be awesome!" 

Now go out there and do what you were made for today.  Not tomorrow, but today...get started.

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