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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Doing the Right Thing: It's About Perspective

The high school I lead is always looking for ways to improve the climate so that students and staff alike have a positive, welcoming place to learn.  Creating such a place requires more effort on the part of those who are part of it than whatever group is creating initiatives.  Ideas don’t make change; action does.

We have entered the second half of the year now and with that comes added stress and a tendency to become increasingly hyper-focused on what we want to do and how every encounter we have impacts our world.   Instead, if we all want to have a more positive experience we have to adjust our focus.  Instead of it being on us, it needs to be on those around us.  Consider the following:

Integrity:  What we do when we know that nobody is watching.  Or in school terms…when we know we aren’t being graded or evaluated.

That phrase often adorns the walls of classrooms and is repeated by people who insist that character and integrity are the cornerstones of a positive climate and culture. What isn’t discussed is one of the concrete requirements of being able to exhibit and practice these qualities.  The willingness and ability to consider what others may be thinking or experiencing.  It sounds counter intuitive but it really isn’t. It’s more about changing your perspective. Want to improve your experience?  Think about those around you and begin by helping to improve theirs.

Check out this short video for an example.  I’m sure we can all find an example of ourselves within it…I know I did.

Give it a try and remember; Be Purposeful, Act With Integrity, and Build Your Character.

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