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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Leave a Legacy

The inspiration for this post came as I sat to write my annual first day back thank you letter to my teaching staff.  I tend to be wordy about most things, but cannot seem to ever express that gratitude I have for teachers and the difficult often thankless work they do each day.

I have included an introductory piece, the video I emailed them and the thank you note in its entirety.  The three together may be long, but are needed to get the full picture.

You are many things to all, but all things to many.  You have chosen a path in life that is hard.  You will struggle because at one time or another all of your students will struggle with not just the content or the rules, but with themselves as they grow beyond their expectations.

There will be days and years where everyone knows better than you, but that isn’t what matters because you do better.  No matter how great the struggles, it is in those quiet reflective moments that you realize you are making a difference in this world.  When you have left this profession, it is you who will have bestowed upon the collective society a gift greater than any other; educated minds with an understanding that they as individuals can succeed no matter the obstacles they face.  

The legacy you will leave is that you helped children aim high even if they missed because that is better than helping them aim low and hit.  That is the legacy of a teacher.  That will be your legacy.

I know you have so much more to do before the students come in your door.  There will always be one more chair to move, lesson to tweak, and activator to plan.  So please take a second either when the dust settles or you need a break to reflect on why you are so deserving of this note.

Thank you for:
·        Getting up early and staying up late just so you can be prepared after adjusting your lessons to meet the needs of the students.
·        Working weekends correcting and making more of those plans that you will need to change later during the week.
·        Providing and taking advice even when you don’t want to.
·        Making these sacrifices day after day and week after week, because you do have families and lives to live.

Thank you for:
·        Inspiring students to do more and be more by believing in them and making them believe in themselves.
·        Shaping the future generations by contributing to the greater good of society.
·        Being that person who has the chance to fill many of the gaps and crevices that appear in every child’s life at one point or another.
·        Being the heart of the school.

Finally, thank you for: Settling for the idea that YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE even though you rarely get to see it because you have, you do, and you will continue to do so by being you.

Have a great  year!

We are Seekonk and We are Warriors!

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