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Monday, February 17, 2014

Students Informing Students

This post is meant as more of a public service announcement for Plymouth North High School’s News Program and their recent attempt to focus more attention on an ever present problem for our high school students…drug use.  I recently took their news story and incorporated it into my own segment “The Doctor Is In.”  The area surrounding my high school has had three recent heroin overdoses that were quietly reported on…until the Boston Globe and Sun Chronicle decided to do large pieces on the problem we all face as a society.  These pieces reiterated that it is not just a problem in Plymouth or the South Shore, but all of Southeastern Massachusetts.  That is the part I found valuable enough to keep students from saying, “that problem is somewhere else.”
The video and sources for the articles are located below as well as under my heading “The Doctor Is In.

Again, kudos belongs to Plymouth North New (PNN) for their bravery in addressing an issue that is not popular to discuss.  Those students have done their high school, fellow students, and parents proud for their willingness to point out one of the areas that we as a society need to fix.

PNN Video - http://bit.ly/1ixiYGT
Boston Globe Article - http://b.globe.com/1c7DpoJ
Sun Chronicle Article - http://t.co/Qa18YGsaOc

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