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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Character Project: Respectful

What follows is the announcement made to students at the beginning of the first week of my push to improve school culture by building character.  This was coupled with my attempt to engage groups of students and personally (face to face) ask them to accept my challenge.  When voicing my concern about the possibility of students not participating in large enough numbers to a colleague, I was reassured.  She reminded me that advertisers operate on the premise that people need to see and hear an advertisement approximately 7 times before actually listening or understanding.  Therefore, this is a small beginning, but isn’t that how all journeys start?
The announcement:
Good morning, happy Monday.
I am starting a project that I want everyone’s help with.  It’s a type of challenge and it has to do with improving everyone’s high school experience.  Those of you who were listening at the class meetings heard me talk about character and the truth behind the idea that we shape our own experiences.  Well, here is your chance to join me in shaping (in a positive way) the atmosphere here at school.
Your planners have a section called Destination Character in the back.  It states that “Your character isn’t just something you’re born with; it’s how you choose to act.”  Therefore, I have decided to follow my own advice and act rather than just speak.  I will be taking one characteristic each week, using the advice in the planner, and by choice, improving my surroundings…can you?  I will share a new trait each week.  You can do the same by letting me know your progress.  Stop me and talk to me, drop me a note in my mailbox, or email me.  The more people that participate, the larger an impact we can make.
I personally challenge you to try this.  Make the culture you are part of better by improving your character!
The first trait is: Respect
You show respect for yourself:
·         Working hard
·         Setting goals
·         Taking care of yourself physically
·         Surrounding yourself with other respectful people
You show respect for others by:
·         Not interrupting
·         Using good language
·         Behaving appropriately
·         Being polite
Think:  How does what you are doing every day show your respect for yourself and others?
You know, we have this saying here at the high school…Respect: Earn It; Give It; Live It.  Take a few moments today and think about what you can do to gain more respect at home, school, and among your friends.
Thanks and have a great day.

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