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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From Students to Students: How to Study

While I wrote a blog entry about studying for finals two weeks ago, I thought it would be better to ask students to pay attention to something more visual on the same topic.  They may be more interested in watching a video than actually reading my blog.  Therefore, after looking around YouTube I decided to select three videos that may be of interest to students rather than an assistant principal.  After all, they are reading enough while they are studying...right?  For those of you who are not students (although I would argue that we all are), this hopefully gives you a different perspective.

The first clip is narrated by a Transfer Advisor.  She gives a very short list of tips that can save students both time and energy when preparing.  Her message is simple: Stay organized, budget your time, and review class notes and previous exams.

The second clip is posted by an individual who appears to be a college student.  I included his video for the simple message of take breaks, exercise, eat well, and don’t stress out.  His closing remark is a good way to approach any assessment:  be prepared, confident, and competent; you’re going to do great!

The third clip is the longest of the three, but features a high school student relaying information she received from a teacher that proved helpful.  She does a good job of breaking down the information into three areas: preparing for finals; immediately before exams; and study techniques.  It covers everything from getting organized to eating right.

Whatever the technique, students just need to study.  Sure everyone wants to be successful (whatever their definition) as soon as possible, but to quote Vince Lombardi; "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." 

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