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Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Policies for the New School Year

Welcome to a new school year!  I look forward to having a safe, productive and successful 2012-2013.  I would like take this opportunity to address a few major changes made to existing policies last year in an effort to keep everyone “on the same page”.

Attendance Policy
Students are not allowed to miss more than six (6) classes for a semester course and twelve (12) for a yearlong course.  This is less than was allowed last year.  Please be sure that your students only miss school when they have acceptable documentation.  Students who exceed the allotted numbers risk losing credit.

Late to School Policy
While this policy remained the same concerning students being disqualified from all extra-curricular activities after being late to school nine (9) times, it is important to note that some of the consequences have changed as well the time school starts.  First, students will receive a Saturday detention upon reaching their fifth (5th) tardy.  Second, first period now starts at 7:25.  That means students must be to school by 7:20 to allow enough time to be in class.

Academic Integrity Policy
Seekonk High School’s new Academic Integrity Policy encompasses the old cheating and plagiarism policies.  It is designed to both educate students and assign consequences when necessary.  Due to its comprehensive nature I encourage you to read it in the Student Handbook (p. 22).

Cell Phones
Please note that students will be allowed to use their cellphones in the cafeteria this year.  It is still forbidden to use them in the hallways and classrooms.  Understand that if students are caught with their cellphone, the phone will be confiscated and students must either serve a detention or have a parent pick it up to have it returned.

Dress Code
Please help us promote responsible and respectable behavior by making sure students are dressed appropriately for school each day.  This will help them focus on their academics and ultimately, be more successful.  Students who do not follow the guidelines set forth in the Student Handbook (p. 26) will be asked to change.  Subsequent offenses will require the parent to either bring in a change of clothes or take the student home.

Finally, I look forward to having an excellent year and am excited to start!  I am sure we can guarantee student success through open, honest communication.  While I believe that students should be given more freedom to be themselves, I also believe that it comes with increased personal responsibility.  I ask for your assistance in both providing it and holding them accountable for it.

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